5 ways to add TIFFANY into your space

By Golden
Blogged by: Golden
Accent decor!
Accent decor!

This is the most easiest and cheapest way to add a bit off Tiffany in your life!

  • buy books with turquoise blue
  • purchase some second hand decor with a splash off Tiffany blue
  • A cute throw never hurt nobody! much needed during the winter or rainy seasons

Check out this amazing accented space! by Erin

Champagne anyone?
Champagne anyone?

Can we just pause….

Tiffany blue champagne. (im not a drinker) but THIS will mos def stay on my bar table for a fun filled night with the girls.. && Instagram of course 😉

This bottle would be adorable on top of a black or white tray and served chilled when ready!

want this in your space Check it out here

Dare to try?
Dare to try?

An accent wall is a huge way of adding Tiffany into your life. go to your local paint store and grab some samples!

the bathroom is the perfect playground to experiment!

Wall decor
Wall decor

Lets pause again…


*happy dance*


NOW, if you dont have the perfect life of  shopping at Tiffany’s and using your purchased bags as flawless wall decor, go to a local dollar store, or even your local party store they will 100% have them.

Add some turquoise into your life!
Add some turquoise into your life!

Another easy way to add some Tiffany would be to go out and purchase some clothing with Tiffany blue! its summer theres a ton of homage going out to the vintage colour. one way are..


SHOES! perfect to add to your accent decor. clothing would be best showcased in a open concept closet. or when you decided to clean out your closet colour coordinate around Tiffany blue for that extra chic style



Can a girl dream?
Can a girl dream?

okok i know i know.. but can a girl dream?

Interested in more Tiffany? Check out this board!




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