Derived from nature; Lost and Found represents Earth, Air,

Water, and Fire. Balancing the human soul to back to their

peaceful roots.

“Those who wander aren’t always lost”

Devoted to find the intrinsic value within the environment. Lost

and Found main purpose is to help travelers get lost into their

thoughts, into the true tune of their heart with the end result of

peace and inner balance. The inspiration of the storefront came

from this rocky bay front with a lightning storm. This is the exact

look it will have during the night time in the busy streets of

Toronto. While the rock ( brick) grounds the Amethyst gem the

powerful glow will elude people into the store, along with giving

the College neighborhood a real gem to look forward to look at

in the evening.

wander with love...
wander with love…

This floor plan was developed through a retail design studio project for school.

it took exactly 1 month to actually put out my crazy imagination on AUTOCAD 2015.

Since I am a newbie to the program ( however vastly gaining experience) it was troublesome to complete my complex ideas into the program. however i seem to always prevail! THUS my floor plan was completed.

this retail space represents a spa. I chose to design a wellness spa that re balances the mid through senses- using the elements of the earth… water, fire, and air. Each room is specific to the customers needs whether they look for aromatherapy for relaxation of the mind, or a cold float room best suited for recovering fitness workout routines. the space is designed as a getaway from the busy streets of Toronto and the materialistic norms of the world.

inspiration derived from nature
inspiration derived from nature
floorplan idea- Sea shell
floorplan idea- Sea shell
floor plan ideas- Snail shell development
floor plan ideas- Snail shell development
floorplan idea- jelly fish/ honeycomb development
floorplan idea- jelly fish/ honeycomb development

Take a looksy ….

Lost & Found Floorplan
Lost & Found Floorplan

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