Hey what’s up Hello.

Hey whats up.. hello?

My absence has been dully noted.

I been extremely busy with life, and the plans of my goals overall.

School, new job, new car new goals, new plans, new ideas.

Hell, I’m on that newnew. But that shouldnt stray me away from my blog.


To be honest, I had a ton of plans and actions that matched those plans, but like the saying goes. “If you want to make God laugh, tell em about your plans”


I had big dreams of my blog ( eventually expanding from typing to videos.. because who wants to read anymore?) But as the saying goes, God laughed at me and threw a game changer. ( no im not prego) as everyone seems to be now adays so good guess.


Lets just say I’m taking strategic steps and really putting thoughts to everything I do.

Its time to brand.

But I’ll def keep everyone updated with my school projects and designs ill be creating.


Fetty waps mixtape is calling me so I’ll cut this post short.

wander with love…





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